January 31, 2018

All good things come to an end, and this is our last post from 5 Minute Actions Team. TWWNC has decided to focus on the 2018 election, as that’s key to having legislators who LISTEN to us and represent our views in Raleigh and Washington DC.

If you’d like to stay active with actions, we have compiled lists of our favorite well-vetted national and state action emails and sites so you can sign up for what you want and keep calling/writing/faxing- we hope you do! You can find them here: http://www.stampncblue.org/call-to-action-sites/ & http://www.stampncblue.org/mocs/ We’ll continue to post NC-focused actions on our Facebook page as appropriate.

Many thanks to Heather Hazelwood for getting the ball rolling and to our team members over the year: Eunice Chang, Sheila Denn, Natasha Lambert, and Patti Rieser, with help from Lekha Shupek, Christopher Ledbetter, and Amy Johndro. AND we can’t forget Katrina Wesson, Wendy Royce, and their Health Care for All, Y’all/HPTA health care action drafting team. Thank YOU for everything you’ve done!

Join us tonight at 6:30 pm for a Facebook Live session with board members and lead volunteers from TWWNC talking about the transition to Stamp NC Blue and taking your questions. Livestream will be available at


(facebook account not required).

This email updates list will continue with a few changes, with a switch to our new name and use of the Mailchimp e-list platform. And most weeks, you’ll just get one email from us – a weekly digest. Watch for that on Wednesdays.

Now it’s time to reclaim our democracy and STAMP NC BLUE!

Thank you,
TWW-NC 5 Minute Actions Team