November 13, 2017
5 Minute Actions

PREFACE: When these are original Direct Action ideas from Together We Will North Carolina, they will be marked as such. Others are not original to Together We Will North Carolina and are shared from their sources with only minor formatting changes, titles, and sometimes context added. If you have any questions or want to submit a direct action idea for inclusion, please email Thanks!
We respect that a diversity of opinion exists within the progressive community, and we trust TWW-NC members to choose the suggested actions that align with their personal values. Image credits: Prosperity Now, NC Waterkeeper Alliance


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Health Care for All, Y’all, Nov 14, 6:30-9pm, Chapel Hill, learn about single payer health care! TWWNC is one of the co-sponsors of this event.

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North Carolina focus: Protect waterways and communities, enforce transparency and regulation of animal waste management

State environmental officials met recently to consider new amendments to the rules that apply to sewer systems, swine lagoons, poultry farms and spreading of manure on farm fields. Although seemingly arcane, these rules (called 2T rules for the state statute) can affect communities near industrial hog and poultry  farms and fields that are sprayed with manure as fertilizer. Although there are good reasons to think that wastewater from these systems enters lakes, streams, and rivers, the rules classify this wastewater as “non-discharge,” which means it is NOT monitored or subject to air, surface water or groundwater monitoring or enforcement.

The rule revisions reduce public access and input to the process by extending the non-discharge renewal permits from five to eight years and allowing farms to keep manure hauler records at individual sites instead of at a state office or publicly accessible electronic database. Public comments on the rule revisions are accepted until Nov 22.


NC Policy Watch:

NC Policy Watch:

Detailed summary and links to local groups from Waterkeepers:


Submit an email comment before Nov 22:, subject line, 2T @U Rule Comments

Talking points, pick two or three and personalize your concern:

  • 2T rules affect communities near industrialized hog or poultry farms and those near fields where manure is used as fertilizer. These are often low-income communities. The major hog-producing counties (Duplin, Sampson, Wayne, Lenoir) also rank highest in less regulated turkey production.
  • Wastewater from these systems DOES enter lakes, streams, wetlands and rivers under some circumstances, so they should NOT be considered “non-discharge” and SHOULD undergo air, surface water and groundwater monitoring and enforcement.
  • Wastewater from these systems could pollute the sources of drinking water for millions of North Carolinians.
  • Permit renewal time should be maintained at five years to provide opportunity for public input.
  • Poultry farm manure hauler records should be retained at a state office or in a publicly accessible electronic database.
  • Poultry farm waste, although defined as “dry” and hence automatically permitted, still have run-off after rain, plus dry litter dust can harm downwind residents. This waste should be reclassified and monitored.

Sources: NC Policy Watch & Waterkeepers (links above)

National focus: Keep up the pressure about the Trump Tax Scam! Send letters to Congress via Herd on the Hill.

Are we tired of talking about the great tax scam? YES! AND the countdown has started, so we need to write and call every day this week! Congress WILL use “reconciliation” to pass this tax reform, meaning they don’t need a majority; pretty much the only thing holding them back is public opinion, which has pressured the Senate into a modified plan they released on Friday, though it’s hardly an acceptable one. We know that public opinion is working and with last week’s election results, this is the perfect time to call.


Week of Nov 13: House vote and mark-up in Senate Finance Committee

Week of Nov 20: Senate vote


NYT, A middle-class tax cut?

USA Today, 15 things in the fine print that could affect you:

Excellent info from Indivisible:

NYT, Senate plan diverges from House:

ACTION: Contact your US House representative and our senators.

Talking points, pick one or two that affect you personally and share that story:

  • This bill is a complete rip-off for the majority of Americans.  In order to further line the pockets of the wealthiest, Republicans are willing to stoop to:
    • Increasing the cost of medical expenses for American families.
    • Making student loans more expensive
    • Making it harder for families to purchase a new home.
    • Making it harder to pay for child care.
    • Taking away nearly every other tax deduction or exemption used by middle class families, including their ability to deduct certain state and local taxes
  • It’s outrageous that Republicans can talk about this harmful tax plan and helping working Americans in the same breath.  
    • Early estimates show that more than 13 million Americans who make less than $100,000 a year could see their taxes go up under the Republican tax bill
    • Millionaires will still see giant tax breaks thanks to deep cuts in the corporate tax rate, the repeal of the estate tax and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT), and a new loophole for millionaire business owners like Donald Trump.
  • This bill will cost American jobs. It incentivizes corporations to move American jobs overseas with a 0% rate on most foreign profits. While big corporations take advantage of this loophole, small businesses on Main Street will find it harder to compete.

Sources: Indivisible Guide (link above); NC Democratic Party Talking Points (email), Stronger NC (link above)

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