Sept 13, 2017

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Support CHIP (Child Health Insurance Program), Due to Expire on 9/30/17
CHIP covers “ 8.9 million children with family incomes above Medicaid eligibility limits who often lack access to affordable private coverage. Together with Medicaid, which covers an additional 37.1 million children, the programs provide a strong base of coverage for our nation’s low-income children. New legislative authority is needed to continue funding for CHIP beyond September 2017.” ( There is bipartisan support for reauthorizing federal CHIP funding. However, some far-right Republicans, including NC’s Mark Meadows, are considering using a CHIP reauthorization bill to force through partisan legislation, such as elements of their failed Affordable Care Act repeal bill. Adding these partisan policy riders will slow the process and put pressure on already-stressed state CHIP budgets: Find information about CHIP in NC here:


  • Sign this letter to Congress via Moms Rising, asking them to extend CHIP for 5 years
  • Call or fax your US House representative ( and Senators Burr ( & Tillis ( with these talking points:
    • CHIP has helped to bring the national uninsured rate of children down to 5%. While I would like to see that 5% move to 0% via Improved Medicare for All, I do not want to see that 5% increase for any reason.
    • 237,000 NC children benefit from CHIP.
    • NC will likely run out of its current CHIP funding by the end of the year.
    • Support a clean, bipartisan reauthorization bill.
    • Include a personal story about how this would affect your family or community.

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